Episerver developer meetup at Solita

Solita organized a meetup for Finnish Episerver developers in Helsinki on the 29th of September. The meetup consisted of food, beer and presentations. The event was a successor to the spring’s Episerver dev meetup and was as fun and cozy as the first one. This time we had a bit more time in the end for the networking than last time!


Johan Hedberg from the Commerce development team visited us and gave a presentation about how to use Commerce to your daily household finance governance. He showed us how to invent your own currency in Commerce, how to give users credit to be used inside the Commerce and how to use the credit for shopping. In addition to that he showed how to use promotion engine in household to give stuff cheaper to household members when they do laundry or clean toilets. It was a very nice presentation. There were not many slides but Johan promised that the fun and educational demo application will be available in some format later. Looking forward for that!



Tommi Raunio from Solita had a presentation about performance. He first talked about what performance is and why it matters and then divided the topic into three different segments: design & architecture, implementation, and measurement. The slides can be found here .



I also had a presentation of my own about DevOps with Episerver. First I talked about how to help new guys in installing development environments. Then I talked about how to script server installations with PowerShell. Then I went a bit deeper and talked about how to build a build pipeline and finally I talked about something about NuGets. The Slides.

Finally, thanks for everyone for the great evening!