Episerver developer meetup at Helsinki

Last week Episerver organized a meetup for Finnish developers in Helsinki. Meetup consisted of pizza, beer and presentations. I loved the meetup and the format was a perfect match to have a cozy atmosphere around the Episerver topic. Only thing that could have been better (next time maybe?) would be to have more time at the end for the networking! Which just means that the actual event was great success!

R.I.P XForms

Mikko Huilaja from Solita had a hour long presentation about new Episerver Forms. He went through how they work, how you can create them, edit them, and also how to extend them. I haven’t had the time before to take look on the new Episerver Forms before, but now I feel I would be ready to implement them any day. Thanks Mikko for this great deep dive into the new Episerver Forms! Slides

Commerce promotion engine

Quan Mai gave us a sneak peek into the upcomming promotion engine enhancement. If I understood correctly, the promotion engine might be included in next Commerce major release. The new system is IContent based and it was promised to be a lot faster than the old system. Debugging and extending it seemed to be thought in a good manner. All this means that there will be even less need to use the old Commerce Manager in the future.

At Solita our Commerce developers absolutely love this news!


James Stout (the egandalf himself) had a cool presentation about webhooks. With just a few lines of code he showed us how to hook into form post event and push its content through Zapier into google spreadsheets. It looked so easy and so painless I wish I would be as cool magician as egandalf is!

Cyberaware development with Episerver

I also had a presentation of my own about secure development. I talked about how developers should also be hobbyist hackers (white hat ones), what secure development lifecycle means, threat modeling and how this all is linked to our Episerver projects. I had only half of the time I thought I had so I hope that people got something out of my fast-forwarded slideshow. Slides

Finally, thanks Episerver for the great evening!