AWS REInvent 2019 - Calm before the storm

Long Journey

It’s going to be a crazy week in Las Vegas. Already before the event, Amazon Web Services announced 250 new services, and during the event there will be lots more. These tools and services will then be used to build tomorrows world. It’s very important for us to be here, to learn and analyze new things that will either make previously impossible things possible - or make the things that were already possible just a little bit cheaper, faster and more realistic to build.

Las Vegas Strip

We have a medium-sized squad of 16 people here from Solita, including people from Dev, Data and Cloud units, all with a shared interest to AWS. We were comparing notes on what each one will be doing here and due to so much content, everyone seems to have very different lists of interests. One part of strategy here is to concentrate especially on things you cannot watch from Youtube later – that things like builders sessions, workshops, and hands-on labs. Of course, keynotes are good place to be as well, if just to charge some of that crazy energy that comes from the announcements, and gauge how other companies are receiving them as well.

AWS Logo

This year, there will be more than 60 000 attendees, across 6 venues on the Las Vegas Strip, all hungry for more knowledge. Shuttle buses are already moving people around. Sunday was an easy start for things: try to get into right rhythm after 16 hours of travel, pick up badge for the event, orient yourself to what’s around the hotel you’re staying at, etc. Tomorrow the actual schedule will start, and it will not be so relaxed anymore.

Chalk Wall

So now huge news just yet, mainly a heads-up to remember to follow what is happening - and self-reflection on excited anticipation. There will be more items in Dev/Data blogs most probably. And of course, if you happen to be in Vegas, drop by our open tabs and have a chat. You can find them from Solita AWS Reinvent hub link below.

Some places to watch during the week

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